Once you have been convicted of a crime and sentenced – whether it’s a Misdemeanor or Felony, you could be under the Court’s observation for a long period of time. You may even be assigned a probation officer or counselor who will keep in contact with you and track your progress – post-conviction. And, if you step out of line and fail to follow the conditions imposed by the judge, you could find yourself right back where you started – in trouble with the government.

Failing to comply with the conditions of a sentence could result in: your arrest, an accusation of violating your probation. and the all too real possibility of a more severe punishment than you first incurred – like additional jail time and more fines.

If you have been arrested for a Probation Violation, you need an experienced Twin Cities Criminal Defense Attorney to help you navigate your way through that mess.

Violating your Probation

If you have been accused of violating your probation, there are essentially two different strategies you can take. First, you can admit the violation and accept your punishment. In most cases, this could result in additional jail time and fines – all on top of the consequences you’ve already been given and/or completed.

Your second option is to deny the Probation Violation or explain that there was a problem – like a lack of communication – that caused the situation. If this is the most appropriate action for your situation, then you will need to take part in a hearing – forcing the government to prove you did or didn’t do what you where ordered to do or not do- and then you would be afforded the opportunity to argue that you shouldn’t receive any additional sanction or consequence.

What is Right for You?

It can be hard to determine which option is right for you – do you accept your Probation Violation or fight it.  And, if you do acknowledge that you’ve failed to meet the Court’s expectations, can you mitigate or lessen the consequence the government wants to impose?   This is where an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney can help assess your case and determine which is the better option for you.

Free Probation Violation Case Consultation

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