Age does not bar someone from criminal charges. As a matter of fact, the State of Minnesota has in place an entirely separate legal system dedicated to handling Juvenile arrests and convictions. If your child is facing any Juvenile charge – no matter what the level – it is important that you seek legal representation from a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney immediately.

Juvenile Offenses – Explained

Juvenile Offenses are generally defined as crimes performed by someone under the age of 18. If the offender is under the age of 10, their arrest may be handled by the C.H.I.P.S. service – all other individuals will most likely have their matters heard in a Juvenile court to determine their punishment as well as a plan of correction.

Common Juvenile offenses include, Underage Drinking and Driving, Traffic Tickets, Vandalism, Curfew Violations, minor Drug Crimes, Smoking, Shoplifting and Theft.

Juvenile Court – Explained

In theory, a  Juvenile Courts primary focus is not to punish young offenders; rather, their goal is to ultimately rehabilitate violators. Therefore, the proceedings mostly concern themselves with correcting behavior, not just punishing young violators. That being said, it does not mean that individuals called before this Court will only receive a slap on the wrist. Like in Adult Court, the government often seeks a “fair” punishment – on top of whatever corrective measures they see fit to ask the judge to impose. The goal being, I imagine, is to ensure that responsibility is taken and that a solution to the underlying problem is implemented so that such problems don’t follow young violators into adulthood.

Juvenile Punishments – Explained

There are a lot of corrective measures the Court can impose in Juvenile cases. If found guilty of a Juvenile Offense, the young violator could face house arrest, some counseling and/or rehab-type services, various education-type courses, the payment of restitution to any victims, community work service, the loss of one’s driver’s license or even detention in a juvenile facility.

What’s at Stake?

If your loved one is facing a Juvenile prosecution, you should not hesitate to get them the representation of an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney. My desire, when working with families in these situations, is to ensure that that any violation does not ended up on their child’s permanent record. In this day and age, where information is free for the taking and background checks are routine, the last thing your child needs is a criminal conviction negatively impacting the rest of his or her life.

What Do You Do If Your Child Has Been Cited?

I understand that Juvenile Crimes not only impact the individual charged, but that it can also have a huge effect on their parents and guardians. Normal emotions include, anger, shame and embarrassment; however, you must remain calm and realize that kids do make mistakes. Trust me, an arrest does not mean that all hope is lost. Working with an experienced Twin Cities Criminal Defense Attorney to navigate your child’s way through the Juvenile Courts can go along way toward ensuring that these mistakes are attended to, so that these things won’t happen again.

How I Can Help?

As a Minnesota Juvenile Lawyer, I know and understand the latest laws related to the Juvenile Court system. I will work with you and your son or daughter to take the necessary steps to ensure that this mistake does not stay with them forever.

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