Orders for Protection and so-called “No-Contact” orders can really disrupt your life and make you feel like a second-class citizen. Suddenly, and often without warning, you can lose access to your home and to your family. Then, all of a sudden what just one day before would have been considered legal and acceptable behavior becomes illegal and could result in you facing criminal charges with ongoing and devastating consequences.  As an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer, I can help defend you and ensure that your rights are protected during this difficult time.

Orders for Protection – Explained

An Order for Protection is what most people commonly refer to as a “Restraining Order” and they most often are put in place when an Assault or Domestic Assault case is pending. These orders will generally restrict where someone can go and who they can have contact with. These orders can even be issued before any decision about charging an individual with a criminal offense is ever made. The impact of these orders can be devastating. They can exclude you from your home and from even seeing your family. This is why it is so important to take the necessary actions to prevent an unjust Order for Protection being issued by the Court.

Domestic Assault Accusations

Domestic Assault is a very serious offense that can have far-reaching and devastating effects on the whole family. If you are facing a Domestic Assault accusation, you could be charged criminally – and if convicted you could go to jail and face hefty fines. In addition, it could also threaten to split your family apart. However, in my experience as a prosecutor, I have seen a number of instances where the underling allegations were based on sometimes false and/or merit-less grounds – like when one party raises these accusations to further another agenda (like to gain custody of the children or to gain a heftier divorce settlement.) When that was the context, I dismissed those cases outright. Now, as a relentless Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, if such motivations are present – I will help you to root them out and to get the government to dismiss your case.

Defying an Order for Protection – Domestic Assault Cases

If you ignore an Order for Protection and attempt to contact the Assault victim anyway, then you could be facing not only a charge of Domestic Assault but also a new crime for violating the order. Instead of trying to battle against an Order for Protection on your own, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.

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Do not let an Order for Protection negatively impact your home and your personal life. I have seen hundreds of these orders, I know the impacts that they can have on individuals and their families, If you find yourself the subject of such an order it is important that you reach out to an experienced Minnesota Domestic Assault Criminal Defense Lawyer to discuss your options and learn how to fight these (often) unjust prohibitions.  Don’t wait. Call me today at 612.234.1165 or fill out the form below. Then, we’ll take the time to discuss your case and determine how I can help to defend your rights and fight for you in court – all at a cost that won’t break the bank.

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