Attorney’s Fees – Explained

One assumption that most people make when looking for a Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer or a Twin Cities DWI Attorney is that it is going to be expensive – and that if it isn’t, well…  maybe he or she just isn’t that good. I respectfully disagree. I believe that high quality, aggressive legal representation – that focuses on protecting your rights, your freedoms and your liberties – should be affordable.

If you hire me what you pay for isn’t my beautifully appointed, fancy downtown office. Rather, your hard-earned money goes toward one thing – working to get you the results that you want; preserving your freedom, your reputation, and your future.

I know that when you choose a Minnesota DWI lawyer or Twin Cities Criminal Defense Attorney you are ultimately deciding to hire someone who is going to be trusted with a lot of responsibility. Essentially, that person is going to have your fate in their hands. Understanding that, I take that role very seriously.

As funny as it sounds, I really do treat my clients like I would my own family. And know this – if my family was in trouble, I’d do anything I could to take care of them. Ultimately, what that means for you is that I do the work that I’ve promised to do, I put forth the effort I said that I would and most importantly I make myself available when you need me to be.

I Charge a Flat Fee and I Never Ask for More Money

I have a very simple fee philosophy, keep it simple!  For your case, I have one price – that’s it.  Unlike some Twin Cities Criminal Lawyers and DWI Attorneys who could make you pay more to go to trial, I never do that.  Therefore, if you want to go to trial – we will go to trial.  I will do whatever it takes to win your case.

Are you affordable?

I’m not going to sugar-coat it, some people are put off by the fees that I charge.  Granted, I am by no means the most expensive Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney or Drunk Driving Lawyer around – but, I’m probably not the cheapest either.

When quoting you a fee, I will examine the facts and complexity of your case and take into account the expertise and resources required to achieve the results you want.  In the end, what you’re purchasing is superior, experienced legal services, great results, and peace of mind – knowing that I’m doing everything that I can do to get you the outcome you desire.

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